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This newsletter includes items on the Re-wilding talk, activism against fracking, recycling in Wirksworth, a Transition Network survey, the Transition Regional Network project, setting up a Renewables company in North Derbyshire, and APPLES!

Wolves in Wirksworth?

You may already have seen Moira Knowles’ visionary poster around town, but just to remind you – please come along on Wed. 18th October 7pm to Memorial Hall to find out more about local attempts to preserve and protect other species in our local landscape…and to contribute you own ideas!

We also need;

Meeters and greeters to be there about 6.30 pm; one or two people to bring apple cake and serve cake and soft drinks – elderflower cordial etc – at the break.Please contact Rosemary on or on 07904 783818 if you can help. See you there!

Frack Off!

Our next anti-fracking action is in Sheffield on Saturday 14th October, as part of a global day of action against fracking.

We are travelling by the 8.40am bus from Wirksworth and the 9.10 X17 bus from Matlock bus station. The demonstration is at Barkers Pool, Sheffield, from 10.30am to 12noon. Why not join us?

A small group from Bakewell, Bonsall, Matlock and Wirksworth travelled together to join hundreds of others in the anti-fracking marches from Mosborough, Eckington and Coal Aston to the proposed drilling site at Marsh Lane on 16th September, followed by a rally in the field adjacent to the proposed site.

Of special interest was a speaker was from the renewable energy company, Ecotricity, who have decided to set up a fund to help finance anti-fracking protests [many protesters are being prosecuted as they have been left with no choice but to take direct action]. Ecotricity will put £50 into the fund for each new customer. If you are still with one of the major energy suppliers but want to support the renewable energy industry and the anti-fracking protests, why not change to Ecotricity, who not only sell but also generate green electricity and some “green gas”. [Many so called Green energy suppliers are merely retailers and do not actually generate any renewable energy at all].

Recycling in Wirksworth

Ken's - Wirksworth shop

No progress has been made in finding a recycler who will collect plastic film in Wirksworth. However, you can recycle your plastic film [bread bags, fresh vegetable bags, plastic magazine envelopes and the like] by saving them up and putting in the plastic carrier bag recycling boxes at larger supermarkets when you happen to be going to Matlock [Sainsbury], Belper [Morrisons] or Ashbourne [Waitrose?]

Reduce your non-recyclable waste by always requesting “no polystyrene tray please” when buying food from the Wirksworth fish and chip shop. If enough of us ask, they may start to consider using a more environmental friendly container.

Support Revival in Ashbourne

This charity gives old furniture a new lease of life, helps provide volunteers with useful skills, provides furniture to people in need as well as having a charity shop and, transport permitting, collecting furniture for reuse. Some time ago, their van broke down and they are still trying to raise money to replace it. See .

The Grassroots Wirksworth recycling group wants to encourage as much recycling as possible. If you want to know whether or where an item can be recycled, go to to check their A to Z list. Still confused? Contact the recycling group on and we will attempt to answer your query.

Renewables company in North Derbyshire?

A small group in the Hope Valley have been discussing the possibility of establishing a community & social enterprise renewable energy business locally, along the lines of Sheffield Renewables.Click here to see a 5 minute video.

Since they learned that Hope Valley isn’t quite big enough to be able to support such a scheme, they are extending the area to North Derbyshire, but also welcome interest from further afield. Ring Jeremy Wright for more information. 07803 507079

Transition Network Survey

“We’re keen to get feedback from the movement about what is happening for Transition groups.  We’re starting by sending out a short survey of three initial open questions. We are keen to support the flow of information, inspiration and connection around the movement, so anyone who participates in this survey will be able to see all the responses.
The survey:
We would love to see your responses by 30th October so we can consider these ahead of a meeting of Transition Network staff and trustees in early November 2017.   We will keep the survey live until end of November 2017 so we, and you, can continue to see what fellow Transitioners around the world are writing.”


Regional Networks Project in Transition UK

Please join the conversation about how a Transition Hub for England and Wales could support Groups and Regional Networks as well as connect with the International Transition Scene.

The project is currently developing a funding proposal for a new phase of work to build on the workshops, support literature and UK wide mapping of Transition carried out in 2016/17. They would  like to get your feedback on this proposal as well as presenting to you some of the initial research findings from the Workshops. How can groups around the country be better supported?

Two online two-hour meetings on the 23rd and 30th October  will do this, but you only need to attend one as they are the same, to give as many people the option to participate.

To help plan the meeting it is really helpful to know if you are going to attend. They have set up an eventbrite for each meeting below, just click on the relevant link to sign up:  

23rd October meeting

30th October meeting

If you are participaing from the Wirksworth area, please let us know and share the outcome of the meetings with us! (An item for our Annual Gathering in November?)

Apple Days are here again!

First prize for apples

Another Apple Day in Wirksworth

The successful Apple Day stall at the October Farmers Market will be repeated at the November 4 Farmers Market. Bring apples to be juiced, sample heritage varieties, snack on a piece of apple cake!

Cromford Apple Day this Saturday 14th Oct.

Click here for more information

Apple Day in the Hope Valley

On Sunday 29th October Transition Hope Valley will be celebrating Apple Day at the Quaker Community in Bamford in the Hope Valley from 1230 to 4pm.

The annual celebration of all things appley includes apple based food, games and, most important of all, an opportunity to press your own apples so you can enjoy the juice from your own trees.

This year there will also be a couple of drumming workshops during the afternoon sponsored by Bamford Community Arts and Crafts. You can also enjoy a guided tour of Bamford’s Ecohouse, and talk to apple experts about varieties and techniques, plus lots of other stands and displays.

The group welcome fellow transitioners to join them for a fun day out. The event is a 400m walk from Bamford Station and bus stop and there is plenty of parking available. (Park for a £2 climate change tax.) Look for the apple signs.


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