Hello and welcome to Grassroots Wirksworth

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Positive action to help our community, environment and local businesses thrive.

Finding ways to reduce our need for fossil fuels.


Grassroots Wirksworth is a community group that is affiliated to the Transition Towns Network (it was formerly called Transition Wirksworth). We work with others to raise awareness of climate change issues. We highlight what we can do, locally and positively, to reduce fossil fuel use. We look for ways to reduce the impact of climate change on our environment, community and economy. We also support those who want to start up local projects. We can provide links to other groups and businesses that may be helpful too.


Several groups helping to create a positive future for Wirksworth were part of Transition Wirksworth when they started out. You can find out more about them on the Action Groups page. Grassroots Wirksworth hosts the Wirksworth Sustainability Hub. This links these groups together with other organisations and businesses that are working locally towards sustainability and reducing their fossil fuel use. The Hub is a first stop for anyone wanting to find out more about what is going on, or to start up a new project. We’ll help if we can.


Look out for our upcoming environment related films at the Northern Lights in Wirksworth.

Our Winter/Spring Film Fest has evening showings on the first Sunday of the month in March and April.

Upcoming we have Six Inches of Soil and Woman at War. For more info, have a look at our What’s Happening page

Come and join us for what we hope will be inspiring chats after film showings in the barn room behind the Royal Oak opposite the cinema.

The Transition Network is a people-led movement that has been growing since 2005.  It is about local communities stepping up to address the big ecological challenges we face by taking action and making a difference in our own localities. We are people working together to find ways to make the ‘transition’ from our dependency on fossil fuels to a sustainable, low carbon future – find out more on the Transition Networks website.