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Climate Emergency- be a part of the solution!

We needs governments to act and lead us, through sweeping changes in the way our society is run, to a better future, not only for mankind but for all the other species on the planet. I hope you have already signed the petitions to the county council and to central government urging them to act.

Another action you might like to take is to become an earth protector; Mission Lifeforce aims to create a law of ecocide to stop companies and governments from damaging the environment. Sign up at [donation required]

We can all contribute to saving the planet by making small changes in our own lifestyles,
for example
Buy Green Energy It doesn’t even have to cost you more! The Guardian [22nd August 2018] says that green deals now account for half the cheapest 10 tariffs. I prefer to buy from a company that actually generates green energy, such as Ecotricity [currently offering to donate £50 per annum to Friends of the Earth for every new customer], Good Energy or Octopus, though there are many green energy retailers as well.
The smaller companies tend to have higher customer satisfaction but Scottish Energy have now also gone 100% green and the new player on the market is Shell Energy [yes Shell!] who have seen the writing on the wall and have bought into green electricity in a big way [though they are also still expanding their fossil fuel business].

Electricity is the fuel of the future;

Committee on Climate Change says ban gas boilers in new homes by 2025 [Guardian 21stFeb]
Gas hobs or boilers should be banned from being installed in new homes within the next six years, government advisers have recommended.A report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says that from 2025 at the latest, no new homes should be connected to the gas grid – with super-efficient houses and flats heated using low-carbon energy instead. It also warns that UK homes are not fit for the future, with efforts to cut greenhouse gases from housing stalling and properties at growing risk of overheating and flooding.The committee called on the government to get serious about tackling emissions from homes and ensuring they are adapted to cope with a future of more extreme weather.
Plastic Free Wirksworth

We are gearing up to start asking Wirksworth businesses to commit to reducing their single use plastic; we will ask them to choose 3 items that include single use plastic and change them to items that are plastic free. We hope that this will encourage them to think even further about their plastic use and continue to reduce it thereafter.

As we have identified over 50 businesses and organisations, help would be appreciated in speaking to everybody. If you have a personal connection to any of the Wirksworth businesses or organisations and would be willing to approach the manager about this, please let TW know on this e-mail. Training and literature will be provided. All volunteers welcome, even if you don’t have a personal connection.

Recycle your crisp packets The Featherstar pub is now a collection point for the recycling of crisp packets. Packets from all brands of crisp are accepted.

The EU parliament has just passed a law to ban plastic stemmed cotton buds, stirrers, straws and cutlery and also polystyrene cups and oxo-degadable plastics [that break into microplastics but do not completely break down]. Will the UK make its plastics bill fit for purpose? Currently the target is to phase out “non-essential single use plastics” by 2042!

Growers have organised a public meeting with speaker, Martin Redman, talking about regenerative agriculture and whether it can halt Climate change and save the planet.
Date; 10th April, venue; Wellspring Centre- see attached poster.

Peak Extinction Rebellion, based in Wirksworth will be sending a group down to London to taking part in the international “rebellion”, starting on 15th April, aimed at getting the government to take climate change seriously. For more information, see

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